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Hosting Price List:
  Virtual Server
  Server Add-Ons
  Large Virtual Server
  Second Virtual Server
  Web Directory
  Email Services

Who's hosted here

Virtual Server: $34/month

This is our most popular package. It includes:

Your own name    Yes
FTP access   Yes
Disk space   100 Megabytes
Bandwidth limits   None*
Domain name hosting   Included
Domain name renewals   Included
Email   Up to 12 address
(POP boxes or forwarding)
Web site statistics   Computed nightly
CGI scripts   May install your own CGI scripts in perl
PHP scripting   Yes
Database services   MySQL
Front Page Extensions   Optional
Real Media support   Optional
Secure server   May use at no additional cost

We do not impose any arbitrary bandwidth limits. However, if your usage exceeds what can be accommodated on a shared server (approximately 2 Gigabytes per day), we will discuss moving your site to a dedicated server at a higher cost. Note that only a very small fraction of sites use this much bandwidth.

Virtual Server Add-Ons

You may want some of these added cost services:

Additional Names: $3/month; $24 for a new registration

You may want to register variations on your company name in addition to the name you use most often. We will setup and maintain primary and secondary nameservers, handle annual renewals of the registration, and make sure that web and email use of this name is treated the same as your regular name.

Secure Server: $75 annual fee

To securely collect credit card and other personal information you need a secure server. This fee covers the purchase and configuration of a security certificate from Comodo so that you may serve secure web pages from your virtual server. VeriSign certificates are available for a somewhat higher fee.

Detailed Site Analysis: $7/month

We will provide details of your web site usage through NetTracker. This will be updated every night and includes an executive summary and information both by "hits" and "visits".

Credit Card Processing

We offer VeriSign (formerly CyberCash) and SurePay credit card processing. We do not charge a monthly fee for our part of these services, although the bank processors will charge you a fee. The setup fee is our time to integrate your site, typically a couple hours at our programmer's rate of $125/hr.


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