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Web Site Design

ActWin offers a full range of design services. Many of these are done in-house by our staff. For some projects, we work with outside freelancers. In any case, we handle the project management and billing so that you have just one point of contact.

  • Designing a new web site from scratch with the image you want
  • Creating a new corporate image including a logo and collateral materials like letterhead and business cards
  • Transforming your existing printed materials into effective online marketing
  • Integrating custom programming into interactive web sites
  • Use of animation, sound, and other attention grabbing techniques

The design process varies a lot depending upon the customer. It typically takes four to six weeks. We start by interviewing you to determine what impression you want to give people about your company and who your intended audience is. We also decide what set of navigation buttons are needed. We will then create three or more design proposals for you to consider. Based on your input, we take one of these designs and make revisions and changes. At this point we may arrange for a photographer or an illustrator to produce artwork for your site. We may license stock photography for your use. After a couple of rounds of revision, we usually have a satisfactory home page. Then artwork for interior content pages is created based on the home page design. Finally, your text is put into the pages to complete the site.

All sites are created as works-for-hire. You own the finished artwork and may use it however you wish. You may create variations on the site and adapt it for use in print and other media.

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