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Active Window Productions is celebrating its ninth year, and in this industry that makes us old-timers. We began as a company that defied simple description. Before the Web became as popular as it is today, we'd tell people our firm would be best described as somewhere between an advertising/PR agency, an information provider, and an electronic artists' workshop and playroom.

In 1994, Active Window Productions refined its mission: to increase awareness of the educational and entertainment resources of the Internet, to assist people in becoming active citizens in the "electronic global village," and to provide free, commercially-sponsored information services via the World-Wide Web.

Now, the Internet is recognized as a powerful communications tool that can be easily used, and easily misused. Our mission hasn't changed though. We're still helping to channel the information of the Internet through well-constructed gateways, enhancing accessibility and "information power", rather than drowning users in a sea of useless information, poorly designed interfaces, and a glut of on-line advertising and service fees. And we're still having fun doing it.

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